If I Can, You Can: Transformation Made Easy 

By Dr. David Zelman

Having a life you love does not happen by accident. However, it may be a lot easier than you think. The first step is identifying that you do in fact need to make a change.

The key to a great life starts with the recognition that you and I, all human beings, are already creating our lives moment by moment. Yet, we are doing so without the slightest recognition of how we are doing it.

In If I Can, You Can, Dr. David Zelman shares his Transitions Process, which is based on a simple, yet startling insight about creating change in one’s life. It is much easier to create the future than altering or changing the past. The truth is you can’t change the past. It’s already over. The opportunity to live intentionally can only occur through a focused commitment to a future.

In Dr. Zelman’s work with thousands of people, he has discovered that individuals are most powerful and successful when their intentions and actions are inspired by, aligned with, and in support of a future they are committed to and deeply desire.

True success and happiness belong to those who master the art of creating their lives, rather than getting better at changing their circumstances. Here’s what a few participants had to say about the Transitions Process:

“I was stuck in the past with some very strong resentment. In this program, I learned a very simple technique to forgive, to let go, and to focus on living my own life.”

“My life was about filling a hole. Now I am whole and celebrate my life.”

“I was so busy trying to win, I didn’t notice that the game was over. The funny thing is, I discovered I had already won.”

“I’ve always been great at my trade. But now I truly embrace and enjoy my success.”

In If I Can, You Can, the reader is systematically led through the Transitions Process and given the opportunity to powerfully and freely create a future of their own choosing.

From gaining personal self-awareness of what and who is really running your life, to being given the tools to intentionally and committedly write the script for your future – this book will transform your life.

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If I Can You Can by David Zelman, PhD