Personal transitions

For most of us, our lives are “works-in-progress”. The question is not IF, but WHEN will you experience your next transition. We at the Transitions Institute think you should have the best professional support available to navigate change in your life. We are prepared to help you begin your journey as well as accomplish the goals you have established.

Experiencing joy, satisfaction, having nurturing, fulfilled relationships, going beyond self-imposed limitations are all products of intentional, committed, and informed actions. The Transitions Process is an AMAZING tool for navigating your way to the future you desire. Each of the four phases of the Transitions Process is designed to reveal how you can take control of your life. Following our simple formula, Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Self-Generation and Self-Actualization, you can learn to drive change powerfully and gain the confidence necessary to move freely in areas that are unfamiliar or unknown.

A brief look at how the Process works:

In Phase I, Self-Awareness, you examine your relationship with the voice in your head, “self-talk”, your thoughts. In our Process, you learn how to change that conversation to support you rather than question you or find fault. You discover that your personal reality is directly shaped and determined by that inner dialogue. We promise to show you how to quickly and profoundly alter your inner conversations, replacing concern and hesitation with freedom and confidence.

In Phase II, Self-Acceptance, we provide you with tools to move your attention from what happened in the past to what you are building for the future. You can quickly shed the constraints of your psychological interpretations for a generous understanding of yourself as a human being. You see, when we say Self-Acceptance, we don’t merely mean taking ownership of your gifts and limitations, strengths and weaknesses. What we are really talking about is taking responsibility for and embracing our EXTRAORDINARY, UNLIMITED, and GENERATIVE power of being human. Yet, as human beings, we must adapt to the world around us, our circumstances and others in our world. But the operative term is BEING. Our unlimited, unbound nature which can be harnessed and manifest in our lives right now.

In Phase III, Self-Generation, you gain access to yourself by understanding who you are for others and who you are for yourself. You will be in an environment where you can safely experiment with the change process, and significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the perceived risk associated with change. The result is a freedom to explore possible futures that challenge you, inspire you and call to you. You will discover that when you speak, you’re not merely uttering words. You are creating your reality. Declare your future with power, purpose and conviction, and your declarations will have power.

In Phase IV, Self-Actualization, you explore pathways to the future and develop your personal infrastructure to keep you on your selected path. Here’s the magic: You are not just envisioning and thinking about the future – you are actually living it. This requires designing structures and practices for keeping your future alive. You will learn to express your commitments and intentions in a way that supports your family, friends, career and organizations. You will learn how to transform problems into opportunities. Our lives are a gift that we may use any way we choose. It is up to us to make these choices deliberately.

The question becomes: Can you accept how remarkable you really are?