Professional Transitions

Career Transitions are a beautiful thing!

They better be, because most of us will go through them several times in our lives. While the uncertainty surrounding change is uncomfortable, most of us have to admit that change often inspires creativity, growth, and learning. The loss of a job may be particularly unsettling – fear, loss, embarrassment and a sense of failure are all common reactions. The trick here is to recover yourself, your confidence and power as quickly as possible.

If you are trying to choose a different path or considering a career transition, the following questions may help to clarify where you stand.

How do I know when it’s the right time to change?
What do I need to know before choosing?
How do I gain confidence in myself as I approach others for a job?
How can I be sure I’m not repeating mistakes I’ve made in the past?
Am I better off staying where I am?

All too often we hear concerned clients say:

“I know I want to change what I’m doing, but I’m not sure WHAT I want to do. How do I decide WHAT to do next?”

While this seems like a reasonable question, David Zelman believes it will more often than not get answered in a way that will lead to future misgivings. If you already have an answer to “WHAT”, then go pursue it powerfully. If you don’t have an answer to “WHAT,” perhaps a more fundamental question needs to be addressed first: “Who do I want to BE? Who am I going to BE?”

Be honest with yourself. Are you driven by the title, the corner office, the salary, position or authority? Do you want to be a lone wolf or a team player? Do you want to be the decision-maker or are you okay accomplishing tasks that are provided to you? Who do you want to be – 24/7 consumed by work or do you want the freedom / ability to set your own fate? There is no right answer! These answers will vary depending on your personal circumstances. There are times when you need to surrender to “the program” to get ahead. And there are times when you can exercise more latitude. There is no right answer.

The key is to know that you are ALWAYS at choice. You are the chooser. The moment you forget this everything becomes hard and complicated. That is why getting YOU right, knowing what your priorities, capacities, goal and personal values are is so important. Choosing “IT”, the job, career, etc. is always more satisfying if you are grounded and “right with yourself”. Remember – you have the right to choose. Exercise your right!