The Format

How It Works

Human beings operate under the totally false notion that our past determines our future – NOT SO. While it is an influencing factor, the past can be put aside, or your relationship to it can be altered, which in turn allows you to powerfully proceed in designing a life that previously was unobtainable. By the end of the Process, your focus is shifted from the past to the future and that makes all the difference in “creating a life” versus surviving it.

Who It Is For?

Anyone willing to risk the belief that their life is already laid out for them – that they can’t change. If you’ve got the guts and commitment to look at yourself and invest your talents, skills, & willpower in yourself, we can show you how to do this and produce extraordinary results.

How Long It Will Take?

The basic Transitions Process consists of four half-day-long sessions over 2-3 months and a lifetime of practice. (Transitions: Tools and Strategies for Success meet for four 4-hour sessions in a small group setting.) Follow-up programs are available to support you in further developing areas you want to improve such as finances, health, career, relationships, etc.

The Format

In each of the four sessions, Dr. Zelman covers a different topic comprised of a unique set of distinctions. Several methodologies are used: discussion, inquiry, presentation of information, assignments between sessions, etc.

Transitions Format

Is This Program Only About the Future?

The only time you can impact the future is NOW – today’s practice produces tomorrow’s performance. But if we are practicing being thorough or rigorous today – guess what? Practice also affects us NOW. This is a good thing!