The Transitions Process

What the Transitions Institute Provides

The Transitions Institute recognizes the difficulty that all people experience when going through major life changes. We have developed programs that provide guidance, safety and professional expertise to support our clients in understanding who and where they are in the larger “game of life”. We provide guidance and support to realistically address the opportunities and responsibilities that accompany living a successful life.

The Transitions Process

While it is commonly thought that most people resist change, Dr. Zelman believes that it is the uncertainty that often accompanies change that people resist. For this reason, the Transitions Process starts by providing an understanding of the change process itself. With this new approach to change, our clients work effectively with our transitions professionals.

Transitions Process

Phase I:

You explore what you have been committed to and what you are committed to for the future.

Phase II:

You will identify the key life events that have held you back from living your full potential. Clients come to realize that they really do have the power to choose a more effective and productive way of living their lives.

Phase III:

You begin to see, based on your personal profile, the possibilities that are available to you—things that are calling you, dreams that have long been buried. This results in a freedom to explore possible futures that challenge and inspire you.

Phase IV:

You explore pathways to the future and develop your personal game plan to keep you on your selected path.